Load image into Gallery viewer, Quick Draw
Load image into Gallery viewer, Quick Draw

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Quick Draw

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The QuickDraw is an essential gadget for any professional on the jobsite. Designed with precision and expertise, this tool allows for single-handed operation to easily remove and replace rolls of tape. Built with durable materials such as stainless steel cable and 1/4" thick aluminum plate, the QuickDraw can withstand tough job sites and harsh weather conditions. It has even undergone a multi-week weight test without failure. Additionally, each tool comes with a light duty carabiner and features polished aluminum plates to prevent clothing or gear from getting damaged. With QuickDraw, you can say goodbye to constantly searching for your roll of tape and having to remove your gloves multiple times a day.


  • Essential tool for every worker on the jobsite, suitable for hanging from belts, toolbags, or in buckets.
  • Initial run highly sought after by linemen, indicating popularity and utility among professionals.
  • Designed for single-handed operation, featuring a precisely drilled off-center hole for easy removal and replacement of tape rolls.
  • Constructed with stainless steel cable and 1/4" thick aluminum plate for durability and resilience to job site conditions.
  • Endured a rigorous multi-week 155lb vertical load weight test without failure, ensuring reliability under pressure.
  • Includes a light duty carabiner for added convenience.
  • Aluminum plates polished to prevent clothing or gear damage from sharp edges.
  • Eliminates the hassle of constantly searching for tape, offering a solution to frequent glove removal for tape retrieval.
  • Provides a practical solution to common daily challenges, enhancing efficiency and ease of use on site.