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6″ Classic- Plain Toe

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The Hoffman 6″ Classic is the latest addition to our Mountaineer style hiker lineman boots. The 6″ plain toe Classic boasts a seamless one-piece leather vamp, eliminating the risk of stitching coming undone around the foot area. A rubber rand has been added to protect the upper from abrasion and other wear, while a waterproof Sympatec membrane allows for breathability while keeping water out. With a solid Vibram sole and taller heel for a better gaff fit, these boots provide long-lasting wear. Our unique dual shank system offers unmatched arch support while climbing, and a sturdy nylon midsole ensures lateral stability that surpasses other line boots. These boots are a must-have for linemen, arborists, and cable installers, and it's no wonder we named them the Classic. Meets F2892 EH Rating.


  • Mountaineer Style Hiker Lineman Boots: The Hoffman 6″ Classic boots are designed in the Mountaineer style, which combines rugged durability with comfort. Whether you’re a lineman, arborist, or cable installer, these boots are tailored for demanding outdoor work.

  • Seamless Leather Vamp: The 6″ plain toe Classic features a one-piece seamless leather vamp. This design eliminates stitching around the foot area, ensuring durability and preventing any potential unraveling.

  • Rubber Rand for Protection: An added rubber rand encircles the boot, providing protection against abrasion and wear. It shields the upper portion of the boot from scuffs and impacts.

  • Waterproof Sympatec Membrane: The inclusion of a waterproof Sympatec membrane ensures that the boots keep water out while allowing breathability. No more soggy feet during wet conditions!

  • Solid Vibram Sole: The Vibram sole is known for its longevity and traction. It’s a reliable choice for those who spend long hours on their feet. The taller heel accommodates a good gaff fit, which is essential for climbing.

  • Dual Shank System: Hoffman’s unique dual shank system provides unsurpassed arch support during climbing. Linemen often face challenging terrain, so having proper arch support is crucial.

  • Sturdy Nylon Midsole: The nylon midsole offers lateral stability that surpasses other line boots. Stability is essential when working on poles or uneven surfaces.

  • Sizing and Safety: The boots come in a medium width range from 7 to 12 with half sizes, as well as sizes 13 and 14. Additionally, they meet the F2892 EH Rating, indicating protection against electrical hazards.


Available in Medium Width: 7-12 w/ 1/2 sizes, 13, 14.